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Title:عزلة صاخبة جدا
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Bohumil Hrabal, منير عليمي, بوهوميل هرابال
Publisher:منشورات المتوسط
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Number of Pages:112
Category:Fiction, Czech literature, Novels, Literature, Classics, Books about books

عزلة صاخبة جدا by Bohumil Hrabal, منير عليمي, بوهوميل هرابال

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Too Loud a Solitude

p TOO LOUD A SOLITUDE is a tender and funny story of Hant a a man who has lived in a Czech police state for years working as compactor of wastepaper and books In the process of compacting he has acquired an education so unwitting he can t quite tell which of his thoughts are his own and which come from his books He has rescued many from jaws of hydraulic press and now his house is filled to the rooftops Destroyer of the written word he is also its perpetrator p p But when a new automatic press makes his job redundant there s only one thing he can do go down with his ship p p This is an eccentric romp celebrating the indestructability against censorship political opression etc of the written word p

I Served the King of England

b In a comic masterpiece following the misadventures of a simple but hugely ambitious waiter in pre World War II Prague who rises to wealth only to lose everything with the onset of Communism Bohumil Hrabal takes us on a tremendously funny and satirical trip through th century Czechoslovakia b br br First published in in a typewritten edition then finally printed in book form in I Served the King of England is an extraordinary and subtly tragicomic novel The New York Times telling the tale of Ditie a hugely ambitious but simple waiter in a deluxe Prague hotel in the years before World War II Ditie is called upon to serve not the King of England but Haile Selassie It is one of the great moments in his life Eventually he falls in love with a Nazi woman athlete as the Germans are invading Czechoslovakia After the war through the sale of valuable stamps confiscated from the Jews he reaches the heights of his ambition building a hotel He becomes a millionaire but with the institution of communism he loses everything and is sent to inspect mountain roads Living in dreary circumstances Ditie comes to terms with the inevitability of his death and with his place in history

Closely Watched Trains

Hrabal s postwar classic about a young man s coming of age in German occupied Czechoslovakia is among his most beloved and accessible works i Closely Watched Trains i is the subtle and poetic portrait of Milo Hrma a timid young railroad apprentice who insulates himself with fantasy against a reality filled with cruelty and grief Day after day as he watches trains fly by he torments himself with the suspicion that he himself is being watched and with fears of impotency Hrma finally affirms his manhood and with a sense of peace and purpose he has never known before heroically confronts a trainload of Nazis br br Milan Kundera called the novel an incredible union of earthly humor and baroque imagination After receiving acclaim as a novel i Closely Watched Trains i was made into an internationally successful film that won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film of This edition includes a foreword by Josef kvoreck

Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age

Rake drunkard aesthete gossip raconteur extraordinaire the narrator of Bohumil Hrabal s rambling rambunctious masterpiece i Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age i is all these and more Speaking to a group of sunbathing women who remind him of lovers past this elderly rou tells the story of his life or at least unburdens himself of a lifetime s worth of stories Thus we learn of amatory conquests and humiliations of scandals both private and public of military adventures and domestic feuds of what things were like in the days of the monarchy and how they ve changed since As the book tumbles restlessly forward and the comic tone takes on darker shadings we realize we are listening to a man talking as much out of desperation as from exuberance br br Hrabal one of the great Czech writers of the twentieth century as well as an inveterate haunter of Prague s pubs and football stadiums developed a unique method which he termed palavering whereby characters gab and soliloquize with abandon Part drunken boast part soul rending confession part metaphysical poem on the nature of love and time this astonishing novel which unfolds in a single monumental sentence shows why he has earned the admiration of such writers as Milan Kundera John Banville and Louise Erdrich


Spr vce nymbursk ho pivovaru m kr snou ale trochu moc ivou man elku Krom n mu d l starosti kvalita a odbyt piva a tak jeho hlu n bratr kter za n m p ijel na n v t vu

The Little Town Where Time Stood Still

Includes i The Little Town Where Time Stood Still i and i Cutting It Short i br br In the s Europe is tangoing to the tune of a new age but in rural Czechoslovakia Maryska dances to a rhythm all her own In a town dominated by a somber municipal brewery she is a colorful and rather alarming apparition speeding through the quiet village on her bicycle her long tempestuous hair billowing behind her Not even her husband Francin the brewery manager can control her as Maryska shocks the populace with her scandalous behavior and incurs the disapproval of a proper little town that is blissfully unaware of the cataclysmic world events into which it is about to be engulfed As World War II draws to a close and communism looms on the horizon Maryska and her town appear to have survived unscathed But subtle changes begin to appear in Maryska and her family and most noticeably at the brewery where the new political order creates tensions that tear through the social fabric of the town in ways that Maryska in her wildest days could not possibly have imagined The two linked narratives brought together in The Little Town Where Time Stood Still comprise Bohumil Hrabal s poignant and witty evocation of the passing of an era and display a master writer at the height of his powers as he creates in an enchanting fictional work an elegy for a nation that is no more

Czuły barbarzyńca

Jest to niekonwencjonalna powie inspirowana postaci grafika abstrakcjonisty Vladimira Boudnika opowie o przyja ni i wsp lnych poszukiwaniach nowych r de inspiracji w knajpach na ulicy w r d zwyczajnych ludzi a tak e historia narodzin hrabalowskiej estetyki i wizji wiata Opatrzona przez autora podtytu em Teksty pedagogiczne przez kilkana cie lat funkcjonowa a w obiegu niezale nym Drugie wydanie legendarnej ksi ki wybitnego czeskiego pisarza

Slavnosti sněženek

No description available

Total Fears: Selected Letters to Dubenka

In these letters written to April Gifford between and but never sent Bohumil Hrabal chronicles the momentous events of those years as seen more often than not from the windows of his favorite pubs In his palavering style that has marked him as one of the major writers and innovators of post war European literature Hrabal gives a humorous and at times moving account of life in Prague under Nazi occupation communism and the brief euphoria following the revolution of when anything seemed possible even pink tanks Interspersed are fragmented memories of trips taken to Britain as he attempted to track down every location mentioned in Eliot s The Waste Land and the United States where he ends up in one of Dylan Thomas s haunts comparing the waitresses to ones he knew in Prague The result is a masterful blend of personal history and poetic prose

In-House Weddings

Inspired by Mrs Tolstoy and Mrs Dostoevsky whose biographies about their husbands have now been published in Prague Bohumil Hrabal decided to produce his own autobiographical work ostensibly fiction from his wife s point of view He would write he said not a putdown about myself but a little bit of how it all was that marriage of ours with myself as a jewel and adornment of our life together br br The task taken up by such a rogue comic talent could be nothing other than strangely delightful and in i In House Weddings i the first of the trilogy that Hrabal produced we meet the author through the eyes of his wife Eliska She narrates his life from his upbringing in Nymburk through his work as a dispatcher in a train station and then in a scrap paper plant his first publication his trouble with the authorities and his association with notable artists and authors such as Jiri Kolar Vladimir Boudnik and Arnost Lustig Hrabal s bohemian life was itself a source of great interest to the Czech public transmuted here it is even more compelling a wry portrait of artistic life in postwar Eastern Europe and a telling reflection on how such a life might be recast in the light of literary brilliance

Closely Watched Trains, Too Loud a Solitude, Czuły barbarzyńca, I Served the King of England, Slavnosti sněženek, Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age, Postřižiny, In-House Weddings, Total Fears: Selected Letters to Dubenka, The Little Town Where Time Stood Still