Open House

In this superb novel by the beloved author of Talk Before Sleep The Pull of the Moon and Until the Real Thing Comes Along a woman re creates her life after divorce by opening up her house and her heart br Samantha s husband has left her and after a spree of overcharging at Tiffany s she settles down to reconstruct a life for herself and her eleven year old son Her eccentric mother tries to help by fixing her up with dates but a more pressing problem is money To meet her mortgage payments Sam decides to take in boarders The first is an older woman who offers sage advice and sorely needed comfort the second a maladjusted student is not quite so helpful A new friend King an untraditional man suggests that Samantha get out get going get work But her real work is this In order to emerge from grief and the past she has to learn how to make her own happiness In order to really see people she has to look within her heart And in order to know who she is she has to remember and reclaim the person she used to be long before she became someone else in an effort to save her marriage Open House is a love story about what can blossom between a man and a woman and within a woman herself br br br i From the Hardcover edition i

What We Keep

Do you ever really know your mother your daughter the people in your family In this rich and rewarding new novel by the beloved bestselling author of i Talk Before Sleep i and i The Pull of the Moon i a reunion between two sisters and their mother reveals how the secrets and complexities of the past have shaped the lives of the women in a family br br Ginny Young is on a plane en route to see her mother whom she hasn t seen or spoken to for thirty five years She thinks back to the summer of when she and her sister Sharla were young girls At that time a series of dramatic events beginning with the arrival of a mysterious and sensual next door neighbor divided the family separating the sisters from their mother Moving back and forth in time between the girl she once was and the woman she s become Ginny at last confronts painful choices that occur in almost any woman s life and learns surprising truths about the people she thought she knew best br br Emotional honesty and a true understanding of people and relationships are combined in this moving and deeply satisfying new book by the novelist who writes with humor and a big heart about resilience love and hope And the transcendence that redeems Andre Dubus

The Year of Pleasures

In this rich and deeply satisfying novel by the beloved author of i The Art of Mending i and i Open House i a resilient woman embarks upon an unforgettable journey of adventure self discovery and renewal br br Betta Nolan moves to a small town after the death of her husband to try to begin anew Pursuing a dream of a different kind of life she is determined to find pleasure in her simple daily routines Among those who help her in both expected and unexpected ways are the ten year old boy next door three wild women friends from her college days a twenty year old who is struggling to find his place in the world and a handsome man who is ready for love br br Elizabeth Berg s i The Year of Pleasures i is about acknowledging the solace found in ordinary things a warm bath good food the beauty of nature music friends and art Berg writes with humor and a big heart about resilience loneliness love and hope And the transcendence that redeems said Andre Dubus about i Durable Goods i And the same could be said about i The Year of Pleasures i

Talk Before Sleep

Until that moment I hadn t realized how much I d been needing to meet someone I might be able to say everything to br br They met at a party It was hate at first sight Ruth was far too beautiful too flamboyant Not at all Ann s kind of person Until a chance encounter in the bathroom led to an alliance of souls Soon they were sharing hankies during the late showing of Sophie s Choice wolfing down sundaes sodden with whipped cream telling truths of marriage mortality and love secure in a kind of intimacy no man could ever know Only best friends understand devil s food cake for breakfast when nothing else will do After years of shared secrets guilty pleasures family life and divorce they face a crisis that redefines the meaning of friendship and unconditional love br br br i From the Paperback edition i

Home Safe

In this new novel beloved bestselling author Elizabeth Berg weaves a beautifully written and richly resonant story of a mother and daughter in emotional transit Helen Ames recently widowed coping with loss and grief unable to do the work that has always sustained her is beginning to depend far too much on her twenty seven year old daughter Tessa and is meddling in her life offering unsolicited and unwelcome advice Helen s problems are compounded by her shocking discovery that her mild mannered and loyal husband was apparently leading a double life The Ameses had painstakingly saved for a happy retirement but that money disappeared in several large withdrawals made by Helen s husband before he died In order to support herself and garner a measure of much needed independence Helen takes an unusual job that ends up offering far more than she had anticipated And then a phone call from a stranger sets Helen on a surprising path of discovery that causes both mother and daughter to reassess what they thought they knew about each other themselves and what really makes a home and a family

The Art of Mending

It begins with the sudden revelation of astonishing secrets secrets that have shaped the personalities and fates of three siblings and now threaten to tear them apart In renowned author Elizabeth Berg s moving new novel unearthed truths force one seemingly ordinary family to reexamine their disparate lives and to ask themselves Is it too late to mend the hurts of the past br br Laura Bartone anticipates her annual family reunion in Minnesota with a mixture of excitement and wariness Yet this year s gathering will prove to be much more trying than either she or her siblings imagined As soon as she arrives Laura realizes that something is not right with her sister Forever wrapped up in events of long ago Caroline is the family s restless black sheep When Caroline confronts Laura and their brother Steve with devastating allegations about their mother the three have a difficult time reconciling their varying experiences in the same house But a sudden misfortune will lead them all to face the past their own culpability and their common need for love and forgiveness br br Readers have come to love Elizabeth Berg for the lucent beauty of her prose the verity of her insights and the tenderness of her regard for her fellow human i Booklist i In b The Art of Mendin b g her most profound and emotionally satisfying novel to date she confronts some of the deepest mysteries of life as she explores how even the largest sins can be forgiven by the smallest gestures and how grace can come to many through the trials of one br br br i From the Hardcover edition i

We Are All Welcome Here

Elizabeth Berg bestselling author of The Art of Mending and The Year of Pleasures has a rare talent for revealing her characters hearts and minds in a manner that makes us empathize completely Her new novel We Are All Welcome Here features three women each struggling against overwhelming odds for her own kind of freedom br It is the summer of In Tupelo Mississippi the town of Elvis s birth tensions are mounting over civil rights demonstrations occurring ever more frequently and violently across the state But in Paige Dunn s small ramshackle house there are more immediate concerns Challenged by the effects of the polio she contracted during her last month of pregnancy Paige is nonetheless determined to live as normal a life as possible and to raise her daughter Diana in the way she sees fit with the support of her tough talking black caregiver Peacie br Diana is trying in her own fashion to live a normal life As a fourteen year old she wants to make money for clothes and magazines to slough off the authority of her mother and Peacie to figure out the puzzle that is boys and to escape the oppressiveness she sees everywhere in her small town What she can never escape however is the way her life is markedly different from others Nor can she escape her ongoing responsibility to assist in caring for her mother Paige Dunn is attractive charming intelligent and lively but her needs are great and relentless br As the summer unfolds hate and adversity will visit this modest home Despite the difficulties thrust upon them each of the women will find her own path to independence understanding and peace And Diana s mother so mightily compromised willend up giving her daughter an extraordinary gift few parents could match

Durable Goods (Katie Nash, #1)

On the hot Texas army base she calls home Katie spends the lazy days of her summer waiting waiting to grow up waiting for Dickie Mack to fall in love with her waiting for her breasts to blossom waiting for the beatings to stop Since their mother died Katie and her older sister Diane have struggled to understand their increasingly distant often violent father While Diane escapes into the arms of her boyfriend Katie hides in her room or escapes to her best friend s house until Katie s admiration for her strong willed sister leads her on an adventure that transforms her life br br Written with an unerring ability to capture the sadness of growth the pain of change the nearly visible vibrations that connect people this beautiful novel by the bestselling author of i Open House i reminds us how wonderful and wounding a deeper understanding of life can be

Tapestry of Fortunes

A wonderful new novel about four women who take a trip into their past to find again the people they miss and to reconnect with their fortunes From the beloved bestselling author of Home Safe and Open House br br Cecilia Ross is looking for a change She has decided to take time off from her job as a successful motivational speaker and sell her home She moves in to a beautiful old house in St Paul Minnesota complete with a big front porch a wild garden a chef s kitchen and three roommates The four women are different ages but all are feeling restless and want to take a roadtrip to find again the people and things they miss One woman wants to connect with a daughter she gave away at birth another wants to visit her long absent ex husband a third woman a professional chef is seeking new inspiration from the restaurants along the way And Cecilia is looking for Dennis Halsinger the man she never got over who recently sent her a postcard out of the blue This novel is classic Elizabeth Berg a portrait of how women grow through the relationships that define them and a testament to the power of female friendship

Dream When You're Feeling Blue

i New York Times i bestselling author Elizabeth Berg takes us to Chicago at the time of World War II in this wonderful story about three sisters their lively Irish family and the men they love br As the novel opens Kitty and Louise Heaney say good bye to their boyfriends Julian and Michael who are going to fight overseas On the domestic front meat is rationed children participate in metal drives and Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller play songs that offer hope and lift spirits And now the Heaney sisters sit at their kitchen table every evening to write letters Louise to her fianc Kitty to the man she wishes fervently would propose and Tish to an ever changing group of men she meets at USO dances In the letters the sisters send and receive are intimate glimpses of life both on the battlefront and at home For Kitty a confident headstrong young woman the departure of her boyfriend and the lessons she learns about love resilience and war will bring a surprise and a secret and will lead her to a radical action for those she loves The lifelong consequences of the choices the Heaney sisters make are at the heart of this superb novel about the power of love and the enduring strength of family br br br i From the Hardcover edition i