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Title:Uncle Tom's Children
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Author:Richard Wright, Richard Yarborough
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Uncle Tom's Children by Richard Wright, Richard Yarborough

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Uncle Tom's Children Set in the American Deep South each of the powerful novellas collected here concerns an aspect of the lives of black people in the postslavery era exploring their resistance to white racism and oppression Published in this was the first book from Wright who would continue on to worldwide fame as the author of the novels Native Son and Black Boy

Native Son

Right from the start Bigger Thomas had been headed for jail It could have been for assault or petty larceny by chance it was for murder and rape i Native Son i tells the story of this young black man caught in a downward spiral after he kills a young white woman in a brief moment of panic br br Set in Chicago in the s Wright s powerful novel is an unsparing reflection on the poverty and feelings of hopelessness experienced by people in inner cities across the country and of what it means to be black in America

Black Boy

i Black Boy i is a classic of American autobiography a subtly crafted narrative of Richard Wright s journey from innocence to experience in the Jim Crow South An enduring story of one young man s coming of age during a particular time and place i Black Boy i remains a seminal text in our history about what it means to be a man black and Southern in America

Uncle Tom's Children

Set in the American Deep South each of the powerful novellas collected here concerns an aspect of the lives of black people in the postslavery era exploring their resistance to white racism and oppression Published in this was the first book from Wright who would continue on to worldwide fame as the author of the novels Native Son and Black Boy

The Outsider

Wright presents a compelling story of a black man s attempt to escape his past and start anew in Harlem Cross Damon is a man at odds with society and with himself a man who hungers for peace but who brings terror and destruction wherever he goes br br As Maryemma Graham writes in her Introduction to this edition with its restored text established by the Library of America The Outsider is Richard Wright s second installment in a story of epic proportions a complex master narrative designed to show American racism in raw and ugly terms The stories of Bigger Thomas and Cross Damon bear an uncanny resemblance to many contemporary cases of street crime and violence There is also a prophetic note in Wright s construction of the criminal mind as intelligent introspective and transformative br br In addition to the Introduction by Maryemma Graham this edition includes a notes section by Arnold Rampersad

Eight Men: Short Stories

Eight Men presents eight stories of black men living at violent odds with the white world around them As in his classic novels the themes here reflect Wright s views on racism and his fascination with what he called the struggle of the individual in America

Rite of Passage

strong Johnny you re leaving us tonight strong Fifteen year old Johnny Gibbs does well in school respects his teachers and loves his family Then suddenly with a few short words his idyllic life is shattered He learns that the family he has loved all his life is not his own but a foster family And now he is being sent to live with someone else br br Shocked by the news Johnny does the only thing he can think of he runs Leaving his childhood behind forever Johnny takes to the streets where he learns about living life the hard way br br Richard Wright internationally acclaimed author of em Black Boy em and em Native Son em gives us a coming of age story as compelling today as when it was first written over fifty years ago br br Johnny Gibbs arrives home jubilantly one day with his straight A report card to find his belongings packed and his mother and sister distraught Devastated when they tell him that he is not their blood relative and that he is being sent to a new foster home he runs away His secure world quickly shatters into a nightmare of subways dark alleys theft and street warfare Striking characters vivid dialogue dramatic descriptions and enduring themes introduce a enw generation of readers to Wright s powerful voice SLJ br Notable Children s Trade Books in Social Studies NCSS CBC


As good a haiku poet as this country has ever produced i Seattle Weekly i br br Like all great writers Richard Wright never failed to create works of breathtaking originality depth and beauty With b Native Son b he gave us Bigger Thomas still one of the most provocative and controversial characters in fiction With b Black Boy b he offered a candid and searing depiction of racism and poverty in America And now forty years after his death he has bestowed us with one of the finest collections of haiku in American literature br br Wright became enamored of haiku at the end of his life and in this strict seventeen syllable form he discovered another way of looking at the world He rendered images of nature and humanity that raised questions and revealed strikingly fresh perspectives The publication of this collection is not only one of the greatest posthumous triumphs of American letters but also a final testament to the noble spirit and enduring artistry of Richard Wright

12 Million Black Voices

Million Black Voices first published in combines Wright s prose with startling photographs selected by Edwin Rosskam from the Security Farm Administration files compiled during the Great Depression The photographs include works by such giants as Walker Evans Dorothea Lange and Arthur Rothstein From crowded rundown farm shacks to Harlem storefront churches the photos depict the lives of black people in s America their misery and weariness under rural poverty their spiritual strength and their lives in northern ghettos Wright s accompanying text eloquently narrates the story of these pictures and delivers a powerful commentary on the origins and history of black oppression in this country Also included are new prefaces by Douglas Brinkley Noel Ignatiev and Michael Eric Dyson Among all the works of Wright Million Black Voices stands out as a work of poetry passion and of love David Bradley A more eloquent statement of its kind could hardly have been devised The New York Times Book Review

The Long Dream

Now available in a new edition Set in a small town in Mississippi The Long Dream is a novel rich in characterization and plot that dramatizes Richard Wright s themes of oppression exploitation corruption and flight It is the story of Fishbelly called Fish the son of Tyree Tucker a prominent black mortician and owner of a brothel whose wealth and power were attained by forging business arrangements with corrupt white police officers and politicians The riveting narrative centers on the explosive and tragic events that shape and alter the relationship between Fish and his father

The Man Who Was Almost a Man

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